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Lemon Law Attorney Resolves Lawsuit Against Kolbe Honda

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The Law Office of Michael R. Vachon, Esq. is proud to announce the successful resolution of the lawsuit Nalbandian v. Kolbe, Inc., et al., which was filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Van Nuys Courthouse East, in April, 2013 (L.A. County Superior Court Case No. 13E02227).

Lawsuit’s Allegations Against Kolbe Honda

The Complaint in the Nalbandian v. Kolbe Honda lawsuit alleges that the popular Reseda, California Honda dealership violated California’s Automobile Sales Finance Act when it sold him a used 2008 Honda Accord in mid-2011.

Nalbandian, who is represented by the lemon law attorney who publishes this blog, alleges in the Complaint that Kolbe Honda failed to properly disclose in the Honda Accord’s purchase contract the true amounts paid to public officials for vehicle license fees, registration, transfer, and titling fees. According to the Complaint, this violated Section 2982 of the Automobile Sales Finance Act. It further alleges under Section 2983 of the Act this violation permits Mr. Nalbandian to rescind the purchase contract.

Section 2983 of the Automobile Sales Finance Act was amended in October, 2011, and under the current version of the statute a car dealer’s failure to properly disclose the amount of vehicle license fees, registration, transfer, and titling fees paid to public officials is no longer a basis for permitting a consumer to rescind the contract. However, as alleged by Mr. Nalbandian’s lemon law lawyer, the new version of Section 2983 only applies to car and truck purchases that occurred after January 1, 2012. According to the lawsuit’s Complaint, since Mr. Nalbandian purchased his Honda Accord in 2011, the prior version of the statute still applied.

It is important to remember that the Court did not issue a ruling as to whether the Complaint’s allegations are true or whether Kolbe Honda committed any wrongdoing. Kolbe Honda denied all liability when it filed an Answer in the case.

Click here to read a copy of the lawsuit against Kolbe Honda.

The Parties Settled the Lawsuit in June, 2013

In June, 2013, the parties reached a mutually-acceptable settlement of the lawsuit under which Kolbe Honda denied all wrongdoing, but nonetheless reacquired the Honda Accord in exchange for an undisclosed amount of compensation.

Lemon Law Attorney Advises Consumers to Check Their Purchase Contracts

The Law Office of Michael R. Vachon, Esq. advises all consumers to check their automobile purchase contracts to see if their vehicle license fees, registration, transfer, and titling fees were properly disclosed. If you purchased your automobile before January 1, 2012, and the dealer lumped all of these charges together in a single line item (instead of itemizing each amount separately as required by California law), then you may be entitled to a refund.

If you have any questions about this lawsuit, your transaction with Kolbe Honda, or any other lemon law or consumer fraud matter, please call the Law Office of Michael R. Vachon, Esq. at 1-855-4-LEMON-LAW (1-855-453-6665). Please also feel free to email us your questions. Consultations are always Free!


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