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Mercedes-Benz Fairfield Sued by California Lemon Law Attorney

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The lemon law attorney author of this blog has announced the filing of a lawsuit against Mercedes-Benz Fairfield. The lawsuit was filed on February 14, 2013 in California’s Solano County Superior Court, and alleges that Mercedes-Benz Fairfield sold Plaintiffs Pete Murray and Amy Waterbury a defective 2007 Toyota Tundra at a location at which it is not licensed to sell vehicles and selling an automobile for more than its advertised price. The lawsuit is titled Murray et al. v. Mercedes-Benz Fairfield (Solano County Superior Court Case No. FCS041227).

Allegations in Complaint Filed Against Mercedes-Benz Fairfield

In the Murray v. Mercedes-Benz Fairfield complaint, the Plaintiffs allege that Mercedes-Benz Fairfield advertised a 2007 Toyota Tundra on the internet looking shiny and pristine and stating “Yes, I am as good as I look.” Plaintiffs viewed an Internet ad for the Toyota Tundra, and called Mercedes-Benz Fairfield to inquire. Plaintiffs allege that in this call Mercedes-Benz Fairfield told them that the dealership had conducted a 119-point inspection on the Toyota Tundra, and that it was in excellent condition.

The Complaint goes on to allege that Mercedes-Benz Fairfield drove the Toyota Tundra to Plaintiffs’ home, showed it to them, and sold it to them there. It further alleges that Mercedes-Benz Fairfield sold them the Toyota Tundra at a price greater than that automobile’s advertised price.

Based on these allegations, Plaintiffs’ Complaint alleges that Mercedes-Benz Fairfield violated the California Vehicle Code by selling the Toyota Tundra for more than its advertised price and selling it at a location at which the dealer was not licensed to sell automobiles. It also alleges that Mercedes-Benz Fairfield breached the express warranty that it made that the Toyota Tundra had been inspected and was in excellent condition.

Click below to read a copy of the Murray v. Mercedes-Benz Fairfield complaint.

Please note: the Solano County Superior Court has not yet determined whether or not the allegations in the Murray v. Mercedes-Benz Fairfield lawsuit are true. Mercedes-Benz Fairfield has denied all of the allegations in the complaint.

Lemon Law Lawyer Looking For Other Mercedes-Benz Fairfield Customers

The California lemon law and car dealer fraud attorney who is representing the Plaintiffs in the Murray v. Mercedes-Benz Fairfield lawsuit is looking for customers of the Fairfield, California Mercedes-Benz dealership who also paid too much for their cars, or who bought them at a location other than the dealership lot.

If you have information about Mercedes-Benz Fairfield, then please call attorney Michael R. Vachon, Esq. at 1-855-4-LEMON-LAW (1-855-453-6665). You might even be entitled to a refund too!


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